16 | A History of Religion & Spirituality with Ken Keach pt. 1 | What is Religion?

Topics: What is religion? What/who is God? How can one develop a mature philosophical world view? Does science “disprove” religion, or are these different topics entirely?

Show 16 of the Dialogues podcast

What is religion and why is it of interest? Is there a difference between religion and spirituality? What about the differences between religion as an institution, and religion as a method or meta-set of ideas?

Ken and I discuss this, and more, in this special series of the Dialogues podcast.

In part 1, Ken and I do our best to establish a foundation and working definition of what, exactly, religion is; and what it is not.

But more than a definition, understanding why this topic is valueable or of interest in our lives is of equal importance.

“We humans seem to want to understand the world in which we live, and we also want to understand how to make our own lives as meaningful as possible; to know not only why we’re living, but that we’re doing it, with intention, purpose, and appropriate ethical commitment. But how, exactly, do we find that meaning, and develop that commitment? How can we grasp why we are here? Or how we should proceed? And to whom, exactly, we should listen as we shape the path we will walk?”

– Ken Keach

I hope you enjoy this first episode and are looking forward to the series as it develops over the coming weeks.

About The Dialogues

The philosophical dialogue is not merely a literary style, but an approach to thinking, reasoning, exploring, and educating. 

More and more, it seems we no longer have dialogue, debate, and discourse, but orders, authority, and rigidity. 

This series is meant to revive the style and approach in keeping with the philosophical tradition. Join me in reviving and rebuilding the ancient Agora, using the tools of the 21st century.

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