Reflections on life, philosophy, love, and self development.

Toil for heaven, alone.

A short reflection on the importance of focus and attention in problem solving. My focus on the good place I can go begins where my focus on the bad place I’ve been ends.

The doer, learns

A short reflection on Truth through action and Standing Thought. Remember always: The Thinker, sits. The doer, stands. The point is to stand.

On dependency

A short reflection on the asymmetry of dependence and options. Independence is not a static state, but a statement of conditions and competencies.

We aren’t where we were before…

A short reflection on self development and how to grow together. Happiness is when the thing you desire most is your own life… just more of it.

Love is inspired madness

A short reflection on love, relationships, and our need for inspired madness, via Plato’s Phaedrus. The gain for one can very well be the gain for many.