The Art of Intellectual War

arm yourself with ideas.

The 12 Principles

of the Art of Intellectual War

  1. Do not strawman
  2. Use primary sources
  3. Default to interpret generously
  4. Read the substance, not just the headline or the messenger
  5. Do not engage in ideological appeasement
  6. Good ideas are serious, and humorous
  7. You will always be more than 99% ignorant
  8. People of the past, present, and future are intelligent and observant
  9. Write as if on stone, but don’t make it an idol
  10. Good ideas can come from anywhere
  11. There are multiple Truths, but not infinite Truths
  12. You will change, so will others, so will everything

If you want to change the world, develop yourself, so you are capable.

Know your rights.

and your responsibilities.

Rights without responsibilities is the path to dependence. The same formulation is true of knowledge, as we have both a right to knowledge and a responsibility to understand, steward, and advance that knowledge.

Without the responsibility, the right is soon lost, or purely theoretical. I believe our rights expand with the extent of our responsibilities. I ought, will forever imply, I can

Yet we must be aspirational within our realism. Otherwise every cannot would be the end. I can’t is not the end, but the beginning of I will. It is here where we expand the extent of our responsibility with an aim at expanding rights.

What is philosophy for if not to help us think, act, and live, more responsibly?

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