An Epic of Masculinity

A story about the history and philosophy of masculinity, and how to reclaim masculine ideals.

Masculinity is a bad word.

so say those in power.

When good men sit down, bad men stand up. When masculine virtues are ignored, masculine vices reign. When kings are told to go away, tyrants take their place. When a positive philosophy of masculinity is not taught, a bad philosophy is adopted.

This is not just a description, but a strategy. 

This results in a world where a plurality of masculine figures without virtue are in leadership positions in governments, companies, and organizations. This structure is incentivized to forward and repeat the societal talking points whereby masculinity is defined as toxic. This narrative helps prevent good men from rising up.

The toxic masculine narrative is the norm, of both history and today. 

I'm going to crush this status quo.

by uplifting masculine idealism.

It is a simple formula. Competence + Ethics. This is the masculine ideal.

We are a species that doesn’t do well with nuance. We see so many bad men in the world and in the news, and we drift towards simple answers: men are bad. With this we forget that our last and best hope against tyranny is the development of masculine ideals and virtues.

It is for this reason that stories about the positive masculine (and omens about the negative masculine) have survived and thrived for thousands of years. 

I’m going to crush the historic and modern status quo that defines all men as toxic, not by offering my critique of their position, but by offering the alternative. The alternative are these stories and lessons from history, philosophy, and idea. These stories have one purpose: uplift the positive masculine, and teach masculine ideals.

Welcome to "An Epic of Masculinity"

a good story, for you.

This will be a multi-part series that will be released over several months. I will share and organize my research when the series is complete. You can listen here on my website, on the podcast app or player of your choice, or on YouTube.

If you would like to make any contributions or suggestions during the development of this work, please contact me. Otherwise, whenever or wherever you are listening, thank you. I very much hope you enjoy this series.


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