The Hardcore Philosophy Podcast

Philosophy is for Everyone.

Philosophy should expand our lives.

not just our vocabulary.

The Hardcore Philosophy podcast is focused on our lives, not just our vocabulary. But first, I’d like to state the problem I see, and hope to correct.

Philosophy is often treated like a “museum of ideas” to be observed from a distance and in a safe, sterile setting. It also brings about thoughts of elitism or the ivory tower. Many use the tool to tell us that we can never hope to know anything and that our lives have no meaning, while offering us no set of tools to build a foundation or find our personal meaning. 

This is not what I’m doing.

I believe that philosophy is for everyone. It is meant to expand, uplift, and improve our lives, no matter who we are.

A bit of everything.

we need an arsenal of good ideas.

Philosophy, psychology, history, religion, science, culture, politics, and more. From Aristotle to Zarathustra, I am passionate about a wide range of topics and utilize many traditions. I do this because the world is big and complex, and so is our life. It is unlikely that one school of thought will serve us in every situation. We therefore need an arsenal of good ideas to live well.

Built on the best traditions.

aimed at our highest potential.

Hosted by Evan Thomsen, the Hardcore Philosophy podcast is made and delivered with a hammer.

How did we pass from barbarism to civilization? How do we become worthy of happiness? How do we master our will and explore the Truths of the world and within us? I care about these questions, and plan to spend the next several decades talking about them, with you.

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