History of Religion and Spirituality

With Ken Keach

A multi-part series of The Dialogues podcast.

What is Religion?

myth, meaning, and effective choice

What is religion and why is it of interest?

Is there a difference between religion and spirituality?

What is comparative religion as a study or tool of inquiry, and why is it valid?

What is the difference between religion as an institution, and religion as a method or meta-set of ideas?

How has religion evolved in America and around the world? How have different religions evolved differently in different parts of the world, and why?

What is modern fundamentalism and why is it growing in prominence? Does it exist in every religion?

How is spiritual awareness growing in America? What about secular humanism? What is the difference between the two?

In this multi-part series Ken Keach and I discuss these topics, and more.

From the thousands of religions in the world, to the character and idea of God, we hope to cover it all. 

We humans seem to want to understand the world in which we live, and we also want to understand how to make our own lives as meaningful as possible; to know not only why we’re living, but that we’re doing it, with intention, purpose, and appropriate ethical commitment. But how, exactly, do we find that meaning, and develop that commitment? How can we grasp why we are here? Or how we should proceed? And to whom, exactly, we should listen as we shape the path we will walk?

– Ken Keach

If I follow the path of wisdom as revealed by the wisest teachers I can find, and cross check that with inward instincts and the intuition of my consciousness, supported by observation and experience of living, I may live in a manner acceptable to Truth. If I live rightly I will earn the merit and the right to a larger knowing and continuing understanding.

– Ken Keach


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