my philosophy

Develop yourself and become who you are.

A journey of self development

Discipline, competence, and great ideas lead to freedom and beauty. I want my life and the world to be as free and beautiful as possible.

I believe this is achieved far differently than the common practices today. Instead of complaining, pointing out the negatives, condemning entire groups of people, or organizing a new protest when the world doesn’t tilt the way I would prefer, I’m going to talk about the greatest ideas in history.


Great ideas improve us. They instill in us, when sufficiently and thoroughly considered, competence, discipline, depth, wholeness, resilience. These qualities make us better able to create freedom and beauty in our own lives, and in the lives of others.

This, my work, is my journey.

Following, with unparalleled reverence, the footsteps of ancient genius.

Towards ever greater freedom and beauty.

Become who you are

This is the purpose of my work.

To teach myself, and others, to truly develop, grow, and embody a mature philosophy of living, and living well.

To become who you are.

An old-new philosophy

So much of the history of philosophy has been an uncovering of knowledge and understanding of the world. This is a remarkable history and achievement, and is a necessary means for us to better become who we are.

In the 19th century a different philosophy entered the fray. What was at first a critique, quickly became a replacement. The educated few came to believe that a deeper understanding of the world was a means to one end – to change the world.

Noble in rhetoric, disastrous in application.

To change the world was merely a new grammar for a species always willing to power and prone to drift towards fear. This philosophy inspired many of the most infamous names in our collective memory. This set of ideas forms the backdrop to some of the greatest tragedies in the historical record. Whether from the far-left, or far-right, there was and is little effective difference.

Yet we all will to our own form of power, and the noble goal of making the world a better place requires change.

Ought demands can

Up ’till now, philosophy has only tried to understand or change the world, in various ways; the point, is to understand and change the self.

Become who you are has as its axioms self development, discipline, conscientiousness, and reflective, humble, idealism. This is the point. As a consequence, you will also better understand the world and be increasingly able to make it a better place.

Ought demands can. If you believe you should, ought, or must change the world and make it a better place, it is incumbent upon you to develop thyself, so you can.

To achieve this, you need an honest and daily commitment from yourself, and an arsenal of good, powerful, and uplifting ideas.

This is my philosophy. What I think, and what I do.

Thus, in the spirit of action, I have created eRochefoucauld.

Through eRochefoucauld, I am creating podcasts, writings, and more. This is an education for the true adult and for the 21st century.

Education is free

In my lifetime I’ve witnessed modern education tear our identities, aspirations, and traditions down to nothing. We are clever enough to deconstruct every part of our life into meaninglessness. This is a sad achievement. This achievement has not only harmed our wellbeing, but our bank account. Strangely, as meaning went down, the price tag went up.

“Knowledge is power” once said our educational institutions. Now, knowledge is potentially oppressive and harmful. For our safety, it surely must be censored, we are told.

Each year, so many of us leave with a bachelor’s in life has no meaning and a minor in I am a victim – and a couple decades of debt.

I have no idea how to fix this, but I do know what I’m going to do – flood the world with good ideas.

I want to spend my life talking about great ideas and laboring to communicate these ideas with as many people as possible. Below is every podcast episode I’ve ever published. Rather than complaining and protesting, I’m going to create.