How my philosophy has impacted my psychology

A short reflection on how my philosophy has impacted my day to day psychology over the past 2 years.

My philosophy, in brief, is this: become who you are and develop yourself. Become strong so you can be just; ethics requires ability. This is the path to a good, meaningful, and free life.


Because development is freedom.

Taking a break…

For the past several days I’ve woken up with a minor goal of “not doing very much.” This idea is usually planted when I’m nearing the end of my work (at around 11pm-Midnight), thinking about how tomorrow, once and for all, I’m going to take a break.

Maybe not the whole day off! But just an afternoon or something.

But each day I find myself working. And loving it. I push off the “break” to another day.

Love can be what you do

Mind you, I love all my work. Nothing here should be interpreted as a “hustle-all-day-everyday” mentality. I am making an older, and much less popular (read: profitable, viral, click-baity) argument: do what you love, and don’t stop. Because if you love it, why would you stop?

I get to create podcasts that I love. I do consulting work for companies that I respect. And I get to work at home with Jessica every day! We take a badminton break during the afternoon (yes, seriously, we play badminton every day in our front yard). I have my own gym at night. And we both get to set our own schedule. It’s great.

The Change

My recognition is this: two years ago, it was the opposite. Tomorrow I’ll finally get that project done… Tomorrow I’ll start this task… Tomorrow I’ll fix this part of my house… And on and on.

But that tomorrow never comes.

I suppose this may be the choice we get to make – which tomorrow would you rather never come: your development, or your comfort?n>

Development is freedom

I don’t really seem to have the option, or even the tendency, to “sit down” and unburden myself from responsibility.

But I do get to stand up and enjoy a life I’m co-building, day by day.

This is meaning, joy, and freedom. Or the closest thing to it.

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