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Does America stand alone? The Google, Amazon, Pentagon love triangle heats up. And global health indicators.


I am on vacation this week, but that won’t stop me from discussing the news – or rather, the angle of the news that isn’t discussed. My major focus this week is a reflection upon the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) from last month. The tone struck by President Trump at this event was characteristic of the President, but not characteristic of the Presidency of the United States over the past several decades. So what has changed? I don’t believe that this is purely a phenomena of a different President with a different agenda. Maybe… the strategic calculation for the United States, and others, has changed, with respect to international institutions and organizations.

If you’re watching on YouTube, I hope you enjoy seeing the sunset in Krabi, Thailand (kind of…). And for any sound quality differences (or especially some of the background noise), I apologize. Gecko’s in Thailand will make their way into my recordings…

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Realpolitik is an independent news and analysis source dedicated to sharing a perspective rarely discussed in the mainstream or other independent outlets. In short, it’s all in the name: realpolitik. The show is decidedly nonpartisan, but is situated firmly on the side of classical, liberal, enlightenment values and achievements. The elevation of the realpolitik framework is in the spirit of historian John Bew, who asked: “how can we achieve liberal enlightened goals in a world that does not follow liberal enlightened rules?” The answer to this question is important, because ignorance of realpolitik is like playing a game where you don’t know the rules – you will lose this game, and simultaneously not understand why. Realpolitik is driven by data and trends concerning State power, economics, and conflict, not by the President’s twitter account.

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