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Who’s in First? America, China, or AI? And a week of tragedy, hate, and partisanship.

America, China, AI, and more.

I am back from vacation, and am very happy to be back home and even more happy to be bringing you the news.

This week my focus is on AI, or artificial intelligence, and how it (and technology in general) forms a national strategy. I ask a basic question – who’s in first, America, China, AI, or something else? As a partial follow up to last week’s episode where I heavily discuss the America First strategy in both narrative and policy; this week is a focus on the human tendency to look only to who’s in first.

Just as the America First policy is more about us being in first and wanting to keep it that way, the standard being set by media companies, tech companies, social media platforms, and us, is much the same. Likes beget more likes. Retweets beget more retweets. Shares beget more shares. Power begets more power.

The bulk of this episode covers an article published by Ian Bremmer and Nicholas Thompson about AI. AI is a subject of increasing interest, attention, and fear. This article does little to obviate fear, but much to obviate ignorance to AI policy and strategy. I also recommend this article by former Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, on the political risks posed by AI.

The points made by the authors of these pieces are clear. I hope mine is as well: technology, et.al., is an amplifier. It amplifies who we are in general and in moments, whether good, bad, or terribly bored. AI, social media, and technology are scary. But not in and of themselves…

About Realpolitik

Realpolitik is an independent news and analysis source dedicated to sharing a perspective rarely discussed in the mainstream or other independent outlets. In short, it’s all in the name: realpolitik. The show is decidedly nonpartisan but is situated firmly on the side of classical, liberal, enlightenment values and achievements. The elevation of the realpolitik framework is in the spirit of historian John Bew, who asked: “how can we achieve liberal enlightened goals in a world that does not follow liberal enlightened rules?” The answer to this question is important because ignorance of realpolitik is like playing a game where you don’t know the rules – you will lose this game, and simultaneously not understand why. Realpolitik is driven by data and trends concerning State power, economics, and conflict, not by the President’s twitter account.

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