Accreditation is expensive. Education is free.

You are the hero in your story.

Philosophy should help you know and live that story.

Plato, Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, and more. Listen to the podcast.

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Philosophy, history, and myth through erotic art and nude photography.

We are meant to be strong.

so, why does the world tear us down?

We all face two villains: one seeks to cause us harm, one seeks to keep us weak. These are both bad, equally bad, and equally unacceptable.

Unfortunately, today’s institutions and education system focus only on avoiding harm, rather than on developing strength.

But this doesn’t solve our problems.

Because just like bravery isn’t the absence of fear, the answer to the bully isn’t the safe space.

The result of this, for so many, is decades of debt. We leave with an expensive accreditation. This is not a good deal. But it’s also confusing, because an authentic and empowering education only costs time, not money. 

This is the path to self-doubt, and dependence. Self-doubt, because we give up on real education; dependence, because we are equipped with only the tools given to us.

There must be a better option…

Education is not just the collection of facts, but the development of wisdom and the discovery of meaning. Let us seek meaning and a real education, anyways. On this path there are no gatekeepers and no financial barriers – just trusted guides.

Good ideas are free.

education only costs time.

Educators throughout history did not regard themselves as experts in need of isolation from society. They were by, of, and with the people. They were guides and story-tellers, helping to unlock and uplift our wants, wills, and hopes. 

Because there is more philosophy in you alone than in the oldest library.

True education is a guide, because you must enter the forest, carry your cross, and bear the burden on your own.

Get a true education.

flooding the world with good ideas.

Let’s build an arsenal of good ideas. Join me everyday and on the platform of your choosing. From podcasts, to videos, to maxims on instagram. Education is free, so it should be made accessible to you.

where should I start?

Right here: The Story of Philosophy.

This story of philosophy is a bit different than many, because it’s meant for you. It’s simple, practical, and describes the story of your life, who ever you are. 

If you gave up on philosophy or education, I challenge you to try again. I’m asking for 26 minutes. If you listen to this, you will find an idea that you can use to improve your life. 

This podcast is just phenomenal! It expresses a higher meaning to the way of life. Listening to this podcast WILL open your eyes to a better understanding of everything going on around you. The way Evan is able to bring different/opposing factions in the world into a positive, unified meaning, is just amazing. He brings out the good in everything, which is what we need more of in this world. So if you are into philosophy and want to make this world a better place, then I highly recommend listening to this podcast.
Cody Hageman
Finally, a podcast which attempts to value truth and wisdom over repetitious partisan political views - and succeeds. Mr. Thomsen speaks in a manner that is both highly relatable, and yet no less profound. Far from an out of touch ivory tower type, he speaks with a clever intelligence that doesn't feel fake or forced, but rather naturally quick-witted and discerning. The topics both touch on, and transcend the popular issues of the day, and it's a joy to listen to something which isn't so bogged down in the mundane.
Clayton Isiminger

Plato, Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, and more. Listen to the podcast.

Powerful conversations with guests from around the world.

Nonpartisan news and analysis. New episodes on Sunday.

Short YouTube videos featuring an arsenal of arguments.

"As my grandmother might have said, you're a gentleman and a scholar."
Dr. Justin Murphy
"I sense both some Peterson & Harris mannerisms simultaneously, which makes it a somewhat... unsettling... experience."
Dr. Jordan Levine
"Unusually well-read for someone of your generation."
Dr. Jeff Korentayer

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