Hardcore Philosophy

The #1 podcast made entirely with a hammer.

The Dialogues

Conversations with guests from around the world.


Thoughts on politics via realism and Machiavelli.


Short writings on philosophy and life.


A collection of short truths and timeless wisdom.


Storytelling through nude photography and art.

Hardcore Philosophy

Philosophy is for everyone. It can expand, uplift, and improve us. But so much of philosophy today is focused on deconstructing our lives, removing meaning, and dividing groups of people. This is not what I’m doing.

The Hardcore Philosophy podcast is built upon the best traditions and aimed at our highest potential. Philosophy, psychology, history, religion, science, culture, politics, and the greatest stories ever told. From Aristotle to Zarathustra.


In the spirit of Renaissance artists and philosophers, my wife creates nude photography based on the stories of Goddesses in different histories and cultures.

Her brand (“desirethegoddess” and “goddesscosplay”) uses nudity and the human body as a natural source of beauty, inspiration, and self love.

The Dialogues

The Dialogues podcast features anyone who has a powerful story to tell, a great idea to share, or simply a wide range of knowledge and experience. I’ve featured guests from many industries, many faiths, many political perspectives, and many parts of the world.

I hope to revive the art of thoughtful conversation and the ancient philosophical dialogue. I hope you find these conversations meaningful, insightful, and thought-provoking.


The blue check marks who cried wolf

Outrage is a currency. In 24 hour news, social media, and online traffic. Nobody wins for being 2nd, sober, and serious. Being 1st, fanatical, and furious. Now that gets our attention.

Realpolitik does not tell us all that could be, but all that is. Without this understanding, could be remains could be.

You may not be interested in realpolitik, but it is influencing all political decision making.


Toil for heaven, alone.

A short reflection on the importance of focus and attention in problem solving. My focus on the good place I can go begins where my focus on the bad place I’ve been ends.


definition: a short, pithy statement expressing a general truth or rule of conduct.

This project is currently being completed, and will be published early 2019.

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